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About Master House Painters

Master House Painters is a family business operating for over 20 years. They offer the following painting services: house painting, residential (house & apartment) exterior or interior projects; commercial spaces such as stores and offices; strata townships if you’re looking for something different.


Master Painters can also provide coatings on your current project, which could be imperative in protecting its longevity against adverse environmental factors like sunlight exposure. Master House Painters are the best in their field when it comes to painting. We provide experienced painters that will make your home look its absolute finest, with no mistakes or errors.


Master House Painters is a trusted Sydney-based company that specializes in painting, interior, and exterior. At Master House Painters, we only work with the best house painters out there who take pride in making our region more beautiful one job at a time by providing exceptional services from very affordable rates to high-quality paint jobs completed on time every single time! We provide you peace of mind when hiring us because not only will your project come out looking great but also it’ll be done right the first try, so no need for adjustments.


At Master House Painters, all of our exterior and interior painters are highly trained. They’re skilled professionals who have years of experience working in the field- giving them an edge over others to complete your project on time with quality workmanship that will leave you satisfied for years. We also employ only those who are not comfortable outsourcing jobs out because we know how important it is to safe practices when handling these delicate projects…and public liability insurance lets us protect both client expectations as well as ours by making sure everyone involved knows their role within this process.


Why Choose Master House Painters


Have you been dreaming of a fresh, new look for your home? Hiring Master House Painters will help make that happen. We don’t take any chances or cut corners when it comes to our work, and we believe in satisfying customers completely. If something doesn’t meet all requirements, just let us know; no problem gets left unsolved.


Master House Painters never leave you in the dark. We have project managers and team leaders who take care of your home painting job from start to finish, so you’ll always know where things stand with us, no matter what stage they are at on any given day.


We make sure everyone stays up-to-date along all four different stages: design/construction, paint coating preparation, final coat application (once everything else has dried). After our work is complete, we also follow through by contacting clients after every single stage, just like how professionals do it in their own homes.


We’re not just your average painters. We ensure each project is done right and backed by a 5-year guarantee. Choose Master House Painter for all of your home painting needs, from interior to exterior jobs, big or small; we have experienced team leaders who oversee each stage in order to provide you with 100% accountability when it comes time for finishing touches like colour consultation services that will help get paint color perfect on day one, so there isn’t any guesswork involved later down the road – saving money.

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