Aquarium, Sydney Institute of Marine Science
The Aquarium, Sydney Institute of Marine Science, is located in Artarmon, NSW area, a local North Shore suburb of Sydney. The Aquarium is a large public aquarium with over 700 species of marine animals and is one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

If you’re looking for a hands-on educational experience with marine animals, Artarmon’s Aquarium is the perfect place for you. The Aquarium offers a range of activities and programs for all ages, from school groups to families. You can learn about the different habitats of marine animals and the threats they face in the wild. You can also get up close and personal with some of the Aquarium’s resident animals, including sharks, stingrays, turtles and penguins.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor to Sydney, the Aquarium is a great place to discover more about the amazing world of marine life.

The Aquarium was founded in 1988 by the NSW Government and is operated by the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS). The Aquarium is located on the Artarmon Estate, which was originally built for the Royal Australian Navy in 1942.

The Aquarium was opened to the public in 1995 and has since become one of Sydney’s most popular tourist attractions. Today, the Aquarium serves as the hub of SIMS’s education and research programs.

Marine Life at the Aquarium
The Aquarium is home to over 700 species of marine animals, including those from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the Tasman Sea and the Coral Triangle. The place has a number of unique exhibits, including the Great Barrier Reef Exhibit, which is one of the largest coral reef displays in the world. The Aquarium is also home to a number of threatened and endangered species, including the Australian sea lion, the New Zealand fur seal and the green turtle.

The Aquarium is committed to education and conservation and offers a range of programs and activities that aim to promote sustainable fishing practices and ocean conservation. There are regular visits from the local schools and universities, and the Aquarium also offers a range of public programs, including behind-the-scenes tours, sleepovers and educational workshops.

Timings and Directions
The Aquarium is open to the public seven days a week from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. It is located at 11, Mosman NSW 2088, Australia. The best way to get there is by public transport, as there is limited parking available. The nearest train station is Artarmon Station, and the nearest bus stop is Artarmon Oval. If you’d like to travel in your car, we suggest you use the nearby Artarmon car park.

Visiting Charges
There are different rates for adults, kids, and families. You can also buy a combo ticket which includes entry to the Aquarium and Sydney Tower Eye. The rates are subject to change, so we recommend checking the Aquarium’s website before your visit.

Who Should Visit The Aquarium, Sydney Institute of Marine Science?
The Aquarium, Sydney Institute of Marine Science, is perfect for those who love marine animals and want to learn more about them. The Aquarium is also great for families, as there are a number of activities and programs that children will enjoy. If you’re looking for a unique educational experience, Artarmon’s Aquarium is the perfect place for you.

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