The large grassed area is a popular spot for picnics and casual ball games. The original site of Camperdown Cemetery became a part public park in 1948, with all but one section adjacent to St Stephen’s Church converted into space that anyone can enjoy. The remaining portion of Campell-Seymour Cemetery contains an old patchwork square covering kangaroo turf, which are rare remnants from when turpentine ironbarks covered this partway mark on the inner west’s map.

This section of Camperdown Memorial Rest Park is a large grassy area where people can go for picnics and casual ball games. As part of its restoration project to restore dying bushland areas around the city, Landscape Services has created several new native plantings, including this rare example from Australia’s oldest continuously used cemetery.

Situated at Federation Road, Lennox and Church St, Newtown NSW 2042, the Camperdown Memorial Rest Park offers a variety of facilities for both visitors and their pets. There is an exercise area with a fenced-in play that provides shade and drinking fountain sections where you can fill up your pet’s water bottle while they enjoy themselves on the jungle gym designed just right so dogs don’t feel left out when it comes time to shred some fur.

Imagine a place where you can get lost in the endless expanse of nature or just enjoy an afternoon with your dog and some reading material. What if that spot was also home to one-of-a-kind events like King Street Carnival? Now we’ve found it. The jewel Newtown Camperdown Memorial Rest Park has been. The Inner West’s most loved park will be turned into a natural amphitheatre with its unique geography and location providing the perfect experience for all visitors.

Anyone who would love to hire this ground is authorized to use the parks during their allocated times. To make a reservation, you must first contact an engagement officer who will assist in determining what time slots are available for your event based on seasonality and other factors such as special permission requests to be reserved from 8:00 am to 6 pm or anytime from Monday through Friday unless otherwise granted by the council.  Wedding ceremonies can take place at any park or reserve booked through hire, but wedding receptions aren’t allowed.

Camperdown Memorial Rest Park is for use by residents and visitors to the area. If you bring your car, it must be parked in one of their designated areas unless given special permission from park staff members on site who can let cars drive around during restricted times (e-g: events). All facilities should remain clean after each visit so that they’re available next time someone wants some outdoor fun. 

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