Chippendale is a Sydney, New South Wales area neighbourhood that has reinvented itself into an artistic and culinary hub. In this fun and creative inner suburb, you’ll find one of Australia’s best vertical gardens as well as otherworldly art pieces from China, along with delicious food on offer for all appetites. There are also galleries and street paintings galore to be found here, so head down today if you’re looking for something new or just want somewhere scenic while exploring the city. 

Chippendale is emerging as an arts precinct, home to cutting-edge galleries and performance spaces. One of the main attractions in this area is White Rabbit Gallery, where you can admire contemporary Chinese art pieces, followed by a visit teahouse located at Japan Foundation Building on level 4th Avenue central park, which showcases traditional Japanese works alongside modern ones made locally or internationally.

The Seymour Centre is a great place for performing arts. There are festivals, large-scale theatre, and small productions that vary in popularity with the event calendar of events in this vibrant suburb near CBD Sydney.

The old Kent Street Brewery, which is visible in its historic colonial heritage, was built over 100 years ago and still stands today. This building has been transformed into an urban village known as Central Park with restored terrace houses along Kensington Street while also including a high-tech 21st century vertical garden on top of an apartment complex overlooking lush green scenery below.

Chippendale is a dining destination that will not disappoint, thanks to Kensington Street, an up-and-coming lifestyle district in Central Park with over 25 restaurants and galleries. There’s something for everyone here, from cheap street food at Spice Alley to high-end cuisine offered by some of Sydney’s most prestigious chefs, such as Automata or Ester Restaurant. There are so many great options when it comes time to find somewhere new delicious place near you.

The city is full of great places to eat and drink, but if you’re in the mood for some tasty pastries, then head over to Brickfields Bakery or coffee at Giulia. There are also many outdoor spaces where people can gather, including The Rose Hotel with its beautiful beer garden; Sneaky Possum does casual bites served by friendly staff, while craft beers on tap make it an excellent choice too.

Whether you’re looking for a slice of cheese or wine, head over to Handpicked Cellar Door in the city. If it’s meat that catches your fancy, then go straightway down under at LP’s Quality Meats, where they specialise exclusively in smoked and cured meats like prosciutto ham, followed by steak knives all night long. Down on East Side Bar and Grill has some great seafood options alongside an excellent selection hampering flames during dinner time, making this place one of its kind.

White Rabbit Gallery
Master House Painters Inner West