What would you feel when we told you that there was a place in Sydney where history comes alive? A building with stunning architecture and plenty for visitors of all ages to enjoy. Customs House, also known as The Museum Of Australian History or simply “The Rock,” houses many exhibits from around Australia’s vast span into what it means to be “home”- a history spanning back over 200 years.

A walk through this iconic site will take your breath away not only because its beauty captures every sense but also because thanks are owed – these buildings wouldn’t stand here without their past inhabitants who helped shape our nation so drastically different than before they arrived; whether by choice or circumstance, we can never know.

The Customs House in Sydney, NSW area, is a stunning heritage-listed museum space that also functions as an attraction for visitors. The building itself has so much history, and it’s easy to see why this structure won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

The building served as both a customs house and then the head office for New South Wales operations of Australia’s government agency Department Of Trade and Customs (and its successors). The function relocated to another site in 1990 following changes made by Mortimer Lewis, who designed it in 1845 under Governor Sir George Gipps’ administration.

The building is a historical landmark, which was first designed by Mortimer Lewis and then later built under Governor Gipps. It has been continuously occupied since its completion in 1845; it functioned both as a customs house (until replaced) but also proudly served Australians for more than 150 years until 1999, when this site became part of the New South Wales State Heritage Register.

When the City of Sydney Council realised that they were going to have a lot more administrators than ever before, it was time for them to make some changes. They hired an architecture firm and commissioned several buildings in one go: this library is just one example. The ground floor houses models showcasing different versions across history, including ones meant as exhibits or even private functions, such as concerts by popular bands who’ve played here too.

The Sydney Customs House is a beautiful, iconic building that was built to remind Australians of their country’s history. The site on which the Customs House stands has been home for over 100 years and will continue to be an important place in the future because Circular Quay was originally where ships arrived after leaving Europe with all intention of settling this new landmass known as Australia.

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