Da Mario’s is the place for you to get your great pizza fix. Located in Rosebery, David Cowdrill’s unassuming restaurant has been around since 2009 and can be found at The Cannery on Dunning Street, a popular spot amongst chic young chefs who are looking to open their businesses close by; not only does this allow them access, but it also provides an opportunity if something goes wrong with one of those pesky start-up costs.

Da Mario’s is a pizzeria located in the heart of the CBD. What draws you inside? The smells sure don’t hurt. Once you are all seated and menus are handed over, there is an overwhelming sense that this place has recently been cleaned up, which makes for great ambiance as well, considering how dirty some buildings can get on occasion. The staff here are friendly without being overbearing or interruptive; they allow enough time between courses so everyone gets plenty of wine consumption rights along with whatever else may please our palettes at any given moment.

The ultimate way to end your meal is with a refreshing glass of white wine and some rich, creamy gelato. The margarita pizza prepares you for the most exquisite experience possible by using soft dough that tastes like freshly baked bread combined with a luscious sauce made from tomatoes grown just right here. Topped off perfectly at each bite, in fact, it may be hard not to eat all three courses together because they’re so good-but don’t worry, there’s plenty more where those came from.

The margarita pizza is a delightful balance of flavours and textures that will leave you wanting more. The soft doughy base and rich sauce made from cream cheese mixed with chives and garlic mushrooms make this dish unforgettable. Add in some light mozzarella cheese to top it off before sprinkling on even more basil leaves. What are they? Da Mario’s famous green hops add extra crunch when eaten together while enjoying one of their most refreshing drinks: A cold glass of wine pairs perfectly alongside these delectable treats.

Da Mario is the perfect venue for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to be the host of an intimate dinner with your significant other or want some space outside of town where everyone can enjoy themselves, this restaurant has everything covered. The large roadside verandah provides plenty of room, and running around will be easy as children have their own section too-not only does it make them feel important, but it also gives others something to appreciate when they see what’s happening inside.

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