Dendy Cinemas, part of Dendy Icon Group, is a leading Australian entertainment company with multiple divisions that specialize in film production, distribution, and finance. The owners of the cinema have been pursuing an aggressive strategy to dominate this emerging market by producing high-quality features and alternative content, including mainstream cinema releases or documentaries aimed toward Australians and New Zealanders living here but not necessarily citizens of Australia itself.

Icon Productions is a well-established film company that was founded in 1997 by Mel Gibson and Bruce Davey. The team behind the independent studio has produced many critically acclaimed movies, including Braveheart, What Women Want, and The Passion Of Christ. Icon is well-known in Australia for acquiring and running cinemas. They bought one of our country’s most prominent independent cinema chains, Dendy Cinemas. With 40 screens across NSW and ACT now open, with another one launched in early 2022 near Southport on Queensland’s coast.

Dendy Cinemas’ mission is to show the best in quality cinema and alternative content and support local film festivals. They are home to Dendy Arts which features opera performances from National Theatre Live or ballets by The Royal Ballet Company; they also have world-class theatre productions like those seen at London’s Globe Theatre live on stage. So come down for all your favourite movies with them when you want something different from what Hollywood offers.

Icon Film Finance was founded with a commitment to support independent Australian producers and their stories. The new service from Dendy icons group offers one-stop-shop financing, distribution, and exhibition services for films that are looking at creating an international footprint through this unique partnership between local filmmakers with global experience in Hollywood production facilities but still want creative control over how they’re told or if those narrative elements even make it into film form at all.

Dendy Newtown is the perfect place to go for a movie. Located in downtown Sydney, you can enjoy ten state-of-the-art cinemas with stylish comfort and surroundings. They offer great deals on tickets so that everyone has access to their favorite films no matter what budget they might have.

Head past the crowds to collect your tickets in line at Dendy Newtown. You’ll be invited into an exclusive lounge bar where you can enjoy food from their seasonal gourmet menu matched perfectly with beer and wine – it’s just what we do best. Once inside, enjoy comfort items such as extra-wide leather seats that swivel around personal tables for maximum flexibility while watching any movie on the screen.

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