The Fitness Playground has grown from a small gym in 2015 to an impressive fitness center with two levels and a mezzanine. The first level includes the cardio machines, weights area, and changing rooms for members; on top of that, you’ll find another space perfect if weight gain is your goal.

The Fitness Playground in Newtown, Sydney, NSW is a great place to work out, with two levels and plenty of equipment. The mezzanine level has views of all types, from weightlifters looking at their mirrors or those just doing cardiovascular exercises on one side while watching others lift weights below them; it also includes an interactive playground that can keep kids entertained when they should be finding their zone during rest periods between cardio workouts.

Fitness Playground Newtown is home to the most cutting-edge equipment in Australia. Spanning across dual levels, this fitness complex boasts over 60 machines with more than dedicated lifting platforms and 40 cardio pieces, including Skill Rows. There are ten open benches on level two for free weights workouts or if you just want some peace and quiet while your muscles recover from heavy training sessions- similar to all their other innovative features such as Sled pressed up against one wall, so it’s easier than ever before possible get into shape without drugs or buying expensive shoes that don’t work because these facilities were designed by athletes who know what works best when building strength fast.

The state-of-the-art gym is not a conventional space. We have an unmatched functional playground station with monkey bars and kitted-out lifting zones that specialize in providing the best workouts for your muscles. Plus, our cardio zone includes state-of-the-art equipment like TechnoGym and Matrix, so you’ll get all worked up while burning calories at top speed.

There is a myriad of ways to get your workout in at Cardio Zone in the Fitness Playground. If you’re looking for an intense, high-intensity cardio session with Tabata training and sprints on TechnoGym bikes or assault bikes, then head over straightaway towards The Focus zone, where they have some great workouts planned just right up until calorie-burning mode.

At Fitness Playground, they have the best of both worlds when it comes to their two signature group fitness studios. You can find Strength and HIIT classes in one space, but if you’re looking for something more relaxing, then try out yoga or barre. All are available at no extra charge with any monthly membership – feel free to explore what suits your needs most today. 

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