Kerrie Lowe Gallery is a space for those interested in Australian contemporary ceramic art. The gallery specializes in hosting shows and events and providing supplies like pottery clay to professionals and students alike so they can create their own pieces of work or learn from professional artists who have been doing this type of thing since before we were all born.

The beautiful Kerrie Lowe Gallery is a great resource for collectors of ceramics and those looking to buy unique handmade gifts. Located in north Newtown, Sydney, it features constantly changing exhibitions by Australian artists who create traditional pottery and modern pieces using different techniques or materials such as metal arts on occasion.

Irene Mura Schroder has been running a gallery in Sydney since the early 1990s. She first opened at number 8, later moving to larger premises where she remains today, with Elisabeth taking over as partner in 2008. The Lowe Gallery is one of the few remaining galleries in Sydney that specialize exclusively in Australian art. The location at 49 – 51 King Street, Newtown, was first occupied by them more than two decades ago, and they have continued to grow with time as well-known artists from all around Australia come here looking for new opportunities or just wanting their work shown alongside other great works.

The gallery’s usual practice is to run two consecutive exhibitions, one in the Shopfront Gallery fronting King Street and another at Small Gallery. The latter has been the home for solo shows by artists who are working primarily with wood-fire mediums like brick or terra cotta clay; it’s always inspiring. The gallery also curates an annual student exhibition where graduating university students can show off their work alongside TAFE colleges.

During Reconciliation Week, the Kerrie Lowe Gallery displays ceramics and paintings by Indigenous artists from far away as Ernabella, a community located in Northwest South Australia. The exhibition features work that was made especially for this event with themes of welcome or shelter to reflect on our history together through story-telling techniques like basket making, which have been passed down generation after generation.

Visitors to the Kerrie Lowe Gallery will be able to experience a variety of contemporary artworks that are both exciting and fresh. Australian ceramicists, printmakers, sculptors, and jewellers all have their own unique styles, which you can see in varying degrees in this exhibition space. There’s also an emphasis on supporting our local pottery community by providing access to materials like clay tiles or handmade pots from around Australia. 

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