La Porte Space is a one-of-a-kind Sydney company that provides luxury serviced office spaces as well as event and photographic studio rentals. They are behind one of Australia’s most iconic landmarks, the Hyatt Hotel. La Porte Space offers innovative solutions to help you work, collaborate, and grow in an environment that is productive but not too harsh. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, La Porte Space has the perfect space.

The iconic La Porte Space is a creative haven for those who want to work and play in the heart of Sydney. The space, located just outside downtown Rosebery area on an acreage in proximity to the airport, makes it easy to access from anywhere within Australia if you’re travelling abroad during your stay here. Many luxurious amenities, including their own cafe serving up delicious food 24/7, as well as three distinct event spaces-La Place de Marché (a retail concept store) where guests can purchase high-end items; Salon De Prohibition, which provides alcohol counseling services, among other things.

La Porte Space is a creative centre located in the heart of Sydney, Australia. The space was founded by two creatives who wanted to create an environment that fosters creativity and innovation while also offering luxury amenities for their clients, with three event spaces available, as well as photography studios and wellness facilities, all under one roof.

This unique space is Australia’s leading luxury event space and offers venues that are designed to impress. Whether you’re hosting a fashion show or a media dinner for 50 people in their sleekly designed studios, La Porte has got the perfect place. This beautiful event space is one of the best places to host high-end events. It has a variety of Scandinavian-designed studios and concept spaces that are great for fashion shows or corporate events.

La Porte Space is a studio space in Australia’s most unique heritage building, with state-of-the-art event and production options. The venue offers professional editors for shoots or advertising campaigns, as well as film productions from both major studios and independent filmmakers alike.

When you enter the first floor of La Porte Space, it feels as if a sense of creativity and inspiration radiates from each luxury serviced suite that lines these corridors. Every detail has been thought out perfectly for all the tenants who occupy offices here at LPS; together, they make up a unique community in which collaboration is key to our success. La Porte Space is a place where you can work on your next big idea. The first-floor corridor has been designed to inspire creativity and innovation.

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