Martin Place is a mall in the heart of Sydney, Australia. It’s home to many banks and corporations that have headquarters there, such as The Reserve Bank Of Australia (RBA), CommonwealthBank/Macquarie bank, etcetera. Martin Place is also home to The General Post Office building where you can find all your usual post office services but also acts as an information center for people living nearby with newspaper subscriptions available on-site every day if they want them delivered free too.

The popular Martin Place is an icon in the world of film and television production. This square attracted many high-end productions with actors moving into town to take advantage of its central location as well as easy access by train passengers who will be able to arrive at ground level right next door after exiting through one station’s doors below street level.

Martin Place is a historic area in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The initial ‘Martin place’ was between George Street and Pitt street, which was opened to traffic in 1892 by Sir James Martin – three-time Premier of New South Wales as well Chief Justice for Supreme Court during World War I era; it features many heritage buildings surrounding this central passage.

Martin Place is home to Australia’s cenotaph, which commemorates those who have served our country in times past. The Sydney Cenotaph located between the GPO Building and Challis House was originally built from Moruya granite by stonemasons working on this bridge during construction for World War I. The Martin Place area is known for its iconic landmarks like The Peace Tower, the Old Treasury Building -where the governor-general lived until WWII- Reserve Bank Of Australia building designed by architects robust enough to withstand any natural disaster.

This iconic place is a renowned Sydney landmark. It features an underground railway station, water fountain, and stage that can be raised for performances. There are also entrances into this square from the plaza below it all along Pitt Street as well at various points in between, where you will find lots more information about what’s going on around town or how our great nation was founded here back when New South Wales looked very different than today.

The people still gather on the plaza today to participate in significant events. The extensions of this street gave it new significance as a connecting point between two major axes, George Street and Macquarie Street – which are often used for public ceremonies or celebrations. A large plaza with an audience of thousands which is located in Martin Place, is often used for music and cultural events. It’s also hosted political protests in recent years.

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