Sea Life Sydney Aquarium in Sydney, NSW is a public aquarium that features more than 700 species from all around Australia. The exhibit contains 11,000 individual fish and other sea happenings, which have been collected in cities across the country to help educate visitors on how important it really has become for us as human beings not only to protect our oceans but also to explore them. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is an institution that features remarkable and diverse Australian aquatic life. Opened in 1988, this beautiful aquarium has become one of Australia’s premier tourist attractions, with over 55% of visitors each year coming from overseas.

The iconic Sydney Aquarium is a unique and diverse experience for visitors, with 14 themed zones, including The Dinosaur Realm, that will take you back millions of years in time. You can also explore Discovery Rockpool, where animals wait around every corner whilst enjoying some seafood or go swimming amongst sharks.

The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is a public aquarium in the city of New South Wales, Australia. It’s located on the eastern side near Darling Harbour to the north up until Pyrmont Bridge, with full institutional membership within Zoo Association (ZAA) and World Association for Zoos and Aquariums(WAZA). The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium offers a glimpse into the underwater world that is uniquely Australian. The exhibits cover all aspects of our native aquatic environments, from rivers in Australia to oceans across this vast country.

The Australian-themed Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is an incredible place to take the whole family. The aquarium offers different themes and exhibits for visitors, who get a glimpse into what it’s like in each habitat across Australia. Visitors to the Florida Aquarium will be immersed in an underwater world as they explore Dugong Island and Shark Valley, two massive oceanariums housing some of the largest creatures on earth. The main exhibit hall contains numerous exhibits, including a Seal pool where you can get up close with these beautiful mammals.

The Shark Valley Oceanarium is home to some of the largest and most dangerous sharks in Australia. These immense creatures can weigh up to 150kg or more and have lengths over 3 metres long. Aquarium visitors will get a chance to see these incredible animals up close at our Sydney attraction, where they live among other marine life like rays.

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is home to an array of fascinating fish and creatures that have been captured from all over the world. Highlights include a walk through the exhibit for sharks, a valley with underwater viewing panels on both sides as well Dugong Island, which houses several species found nowhere else in existence.

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