Located in the heart of Sydney, NSW, Australia, is a venue that celebrates ideas and performances. The Seymour Centre has been providing audiences with stellar performance art since it opened its doors to patrons. The historic centrepieces at this magnificent complex are two halls which can be used for different types of concerts or events: Seymour Performance Centre and Cleveland Street Theater – both conveniently located near City Road (just off John St) South-west corner close by the downtown shopping area where plenty restaurants exist too so you could enjoy dinner before seeing your favourite band play live onstage right there.

May the Force be with you at Sydney’s Seymour. This iconic venue has been a part of modern life for as long as anyone can remember. From hosting music concerts, plays and festivals to presenting innovative productions by up-and-coming companies or large scale theatre pieces that will fill your heart with joy, there really isn’t anything this space doesn’t do well – all rolled into one amazing place called The Seymour.

With its impressive history of presenting, promoting and developing great Australian performances, the Seymour is a dynamic urban hub for quality arts experiences. This venue has presented many international artists to Sydney’s most relaxed theatre environment with one goal: To provide unforgettable moments.

The University of Sydney’s Department Of Music has been based in this building since it opened. The design is classic with its Art Deco style and glass walls that make for a great performance space, but what really sets these rooms apart are all those little details you wouldn’t notice without careful examination: Each floor is programmed so they can track who comes through their doors; hidden speakers throughout providing optimal sound quality no matter where someone sits or stands.

When Sydney businessman Everest York Seymour died in 1966, he left a significant bequest for ‘the construction of an arts centre’. The University Of Sydney became a trustee to this wish, and Allen Jack Cottier designed the building which would become known as The Seymours Centre.

The iconic Seymour Centre presents a wide range of performing arts productions, events, and plays and hosts many festivals each year. It provides an education program for children, as well as hosts theatre companies that produce dance shows or music concerts throughout the week. With its central location in Sydney (and easy parking), you won’t want to miss out on all these great offerings at your local library.

The York Theatre is one of the most popular venues in the Seymour. The thrust stage configuration makes it easy for patrons to get up close and personal with their favourite performers while still being able to see everything clearly from any angle around them.

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