The Spice alley at Kensington street is home to four different diners that all have their own unique offerings. You can find Singaporean food like Rotis and chicken rice, Japanese dishes such as teriyaki or sushi made by hand in front of you while waiting for your order alongside fresh vegetables picked that day from hippie markets right outside the laneway itself; Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches served on homemade bread which are so good they’ll make even someone who doesn’t usually eat these types treats themselves just because – but there’s also more than one place here where tourists might get thrown off guard when they first walk through these doors due them not being aware this part about Inner West, Sydney, NSW area has.

Spice House is a two-room space with its own balcony, perfect for private functions or events. It’s a complete sensory overload as you walk up the stairs and enter this colourful paradise. The hustle of downtown overwhelm becomes calmer here in Spice alley–a unique blend between Asian aesthetics and edgy street art that will charm your guests into forgetting all their cares while they enjoy delicious food catered by one of the favourite restaurants on lower Main Street.

Why not go out of your normal routine and spice up your event with some delicious food and drinks from our diverse selection of vendors? With the Spice Alley Card, you can purchase anything at any time during or after-party. The card is non-refundable, so it’s easy for guests to enjoy themselves without worrying about money.

With his career in kitchens, both global and local, Singapore-based chef Alex Lee of Alex Lee Kitchen has worked hard to create a menu that reflects the rich flavours of home. His dishes are an array so flavourful you’ll want them all: rice noodles with barbecued pork sauce, chicken curry fried rice topped off by sunny side eggs cooked just right, fragrant laksa soup made from authentic ingredients, and many more.

Tired of the same old Thai food? Go to Bang Luck, where you can try something new and exciting. From fried noodles with pork belly or chicken satay served on a stick, this restaurant has an array for any taste. Their contemporary style is brought out by their talented team, who use only fresh ingredients. Executive Chef Tiw Rakarin fuses together classic Vietnamese dishes like summer rolls made from rice paper streamed in liquid sauce; beef carpaccio served cold over greens touched off fire.

Other popular spots in the Spice Alley include Blossom Bar, Gin Lane, Ginger & Spice, Hong Kong Dinner, Sedap  Malaysian, and Shanghai Dumpling Bar, among Others. 

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