The Sydney Buddhist Centre is a place for people to practice and learn about Buddhism. It offers instruction in both meditations as well as discussions on the religion’s many different topics, such as karma or rebirth- which some may not be aware exist.

Whether you are a bit curious about finding out more about Buddhism or just need some time away to think, our facilities offer the perfect environment for meditators. The Sydney Buddhist Center provides classes and workshops on how one can improve their life through meditation as well as creative activities that cater to anyone’s interests – no matter what they may be. Their friendly staff will help guide those who are curious about whatever it is they want from the centre, so go visit today at 24 Enmore Road, Newtown NSW 2042.

The Sydney Buddhist Centre has been part of a worldwide movement to bring the practice and lessons from ancient India into modern-day living. They offer courses on how one can incorporate buddha nature within themselves and meditation sessions for those who want more peace of mind or just time away – all at their facility located right in Newtown, Sydney, New South Wales.

The centre offers courses on Buddhism and meditation in a friendly, supportive environment. Their meditation techniques can be used by anyone who is interested, regardless of their religious beliefs. Meditation is the means to transform our minds into more positive places where we are able to focus with concentration skills that help us overcome negative emotional states such as stress or anxiety while encouraging clarity through visualizing affirmations. Buddhist practices also involve traditional physical postures that work together like puzzle pieces; each posture has its own purpose, but they create an image when put all together.

The Sydney Buddhist Centre is a spiritual oasis for those who want to be part of an inclusive, diverse community. Activities at their centre are all at a very small charge and open-handed because so many people give money or their time in order to create something together.

The Saturday morning class is the perfect way to start your weekend off right. The young Buddhists of Sydney have been practicing meditation and learning about mindfulness at this event for years, so you know it will be enlightening. You can also attend any other mornings or evenings that suit you depending on what kind of words sound like they need help without judgement- just pure communication between them both through silence if necessary while being present together as one big family moving forward into a love no matter how far apart from each other. If you fancy trying meditation, the Sydney Buddhist Centre in Newtown is a definite visit for you. 

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