The Australian Golf Club in Rosebery, Sydney, is one of Australia’s most historic courses. The venue has hosted 20 open events, and 2017 saw an unprecedented victory by Cameron Davis, who became only the second Aussie golfer ever (and the first from NSW) to win this major title. The Australian Golf Club was established in 1892, which makes it one of the oldest clubs in this nation.

The Australian Golf Club was established in 1892, making it one of Australia’s oldest clubs. The course has been rated 9th nationwide for excellence and longevity. The aims of this organisation are simple: to provide people with access to financial freedoms and facilities so that they can enjoy playing golf even if their pockets aren’t always deep enough.

British settlers founded the first golf club in Australia, but they didn’t have a course until 1888. The Australian Golf Club came later and took over this title because it opened its doors for play two years before R. Melbourne GC did.

The first golf course in Australia was situated at Moore Park, a suburb of Sydney, but it was abandoned six years later due to new road construction. In 1895, they built another one with only 11 holes that could be seen up until 1898, when their lease expired, and they moved across town into Botany, where we saw more success for this sport, which would eventually lead them to host both the Australian amateur championship as well as an event known nowadays by many names: “Australian Open” (1904).

The present-day location of this course was inspected in 1903, and a year later, plans were put forward for the new one by Carnegie Clark and Jock Hutchison. In 1926, Alister MacKenzie, the designer behind Royal Melbourne Golf Club (1910) and Augusta National Golf Club (1926), was asked to update some holes on it because he knew how important it would be if they had good features like landscaping or architecture that made people want more than just an 18-hole golf course where you could play all your shots over water without ever getting wet feet.

The course has been around since 1891, and it is still going strong. The layout changed in 1949 when members approved two new starting holes. The layout of the course has been revised multiple times to keep up with changing needs. The popularity of this course is undeniable. It’s been around since 1891, and it’s still going strong. In 1948, the members approved a new layout that would supply them with two starting holes.

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