Located in the heart of Rosebery, Sydney area, The Cannery is a vibrant hub for local talent. This warehouse space started life as a production site to produce jam and preserve vegetables before transforming into one big retail store. The Cannery is an iconic Sydney Harbour Island location that has recently become the hub for local talent. The handsome 11,000 square metre converted warehouse space started life as a production site for Rosella Preserving and Manufacturing Company but now features retail outlets from nearby suburbs such as Lilyfield and later added Botany district locals too.

The Cannery is a historical warehouse that has been transformed into an entertainment complex. The Weapons and Aristocrat Poker Machines factories were located here before they became one project recently, with the aid of some renovation work on its interior design by Tony Goh Gallery in the 2000s decade. The former industrial estate spat across two smaller precincts – the Saporium area, which includes modern restaurants, and adjacent to this stand-out landmark, housing Australia’s largest fishing boats.

The Drink Hive is the perfect spot for anyone who wants to get their hands on some delicious cocktails or wine. With an expertly curated selection, you’re sure to not only be able to find something new but also enjoy it while learning all about how these drinks are made.

The Cannery building is a fascinating piece of history, with its original architectural features still intact. You can see this in the heavy masonry construction and the sawtooth roof that make up most of the structure; there are also concrete floors as well for good measure. The Cannery building is a beautiful example of early 20th-century industrial design. The heavy masonry construction, sawtooth roof, and concrete flooring are all original to this point, while other features that have been preserved include the rusticated pilasters dividing up each bay, as well as some walls still painted with their original colors from when they first opened back in 1925.

The interior design hub of Koskela is a must-see for anyone who appreciates beautiful, creative pieces. The store was established in 2000 and sells beautifully designed furniture as well as other home goods such as printing workshops run by local creatives like block makers or weavers—there really isn’t anything they’re not interested in.

It’s clear that the precinct is committed to providing visitors with an immersive experience. With classes in watercolour painting, interior design, and décor, even Instagramming is available at The School of Art and Design (Megan Morton) or through their cooking school, which offers pasta-making and macaron-making tutorials.

The Cannery keeps growing and has made plans to launch a monthly market in 2018, making weekend visits even more tempting.

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