The Vanguard has a rich history as a historic music venue. Its location in Newtown, Sydney, New South Wales points to its alternative programming, from burlesque shows and LP tours all the way down to author talks. The small size of this space makes it perfect for blues or jazz nights – often held with just over 200 people attending so that you can really get up close and personal while enjoying some excellent live tunes on stage.

The Vanguard is more than just a show venue. They have an in-house restaurant, so you can opt for dinner and then afterwards go see what’s playing or grab some food beforehand. It lies on the city end of King Street, making it easy to get here from Newtown Station (a 10-minute walk).

GA Tickets are available to purchase at your preferred ticket outlet for most shows. However, these can often sell out, and there is no guarantee that they will be available for you when it comes time to pick them up, or if not, then this may mean waiting in line outside with other fans who also want their chance. It’s always best practice, though we recommend purchasing them online through their site.

Dinner and show tickets are perfect for those who want to enjoy a delicious meal while watching their favorite celebrities perform. Dinner starts with an appetizer, followed by the main course which may be fish or meat. You will also get dessert- whether it’s ice cream or cakes; there is no wrong answer here because everything sounds great when paired up together in one sitting 🙂 After eating what feels like all day long, you’ll move on to entertainment, complete with singers from various decades singing unforgettable hits.

Whether you’re into EDM, rock ‘n’ roll, or finally, some good old-fashioned soul music, the sound system at this venue will make your ears tingle. With all of these variables associated with live performances, set times can never be exact, so come dance to whatever takes yer fancy between 8 – 8:30 pm each night. They’ve got cocktails ready-made by their expert mixologists alongside delicious beers and wines too. The menu offers something for everyone, whether it has been a long day/weekend.

The Vanguard wants to give you the best experience possible, and they believe that live music is a wonderful way of doing so. That’s why, as well as supporting many disability groups who regularly attend gigs with them- in some cases, they can offer them discounts on tickets. 

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