Three Blue Ducks Restaurant has a shared passion for food prepared with love. The owners hail from humble beginnings in Bronte 8 years ago and are now embarking on ambitious ventures all over town, including Byron Bay 2015, Rosebery 2016, and Brisbane 2018.

The restaurant is a showcase for local produce, and the owners are proud to say that most of what you eat has been grown within 50 miles of the restaurant. Their commitment to ethical sourcing means your meal will be fresh, natural, and delicious. They offer the best customer service because it’s not just about making money—they care deeply for their friends on this side of town.

With their beautiful, spacious venue in Rosebery-a converted industrial warehouse with breathtaking views of the city from every window-they have become an increasingly popular spot for those looking to create their dream event. The venue is a blank canvas for your dream event. Whether you’re looking to host an intimate dinner party or celebrate in style, they can help make it happen. Three Blue Ducks offers flexible space that’s perfect no matter how big (or small) the occasion is, with incredible natural light from their large windows and hardwood flooring throughout. There are many ways this restaurant could be transformed into whatever you want it to be.

Completely restored to its original state, the historic restaurant is now an eatery for all your needs. The space has a lot of history behind it, being part of what used to be Rosella’s soup kitchen back in the days before there were any other restaurants or food vendors on this block. With exposed beams as well as high ceilings, you’ll feel like royalty when dining here; not only do they make sure that every single detail shines through, but they also provide some extra warmth too, due to their hanging chandeliers and indoor plants, which bring out nature’s beauty within these industrial surroundings.

Guests of the Three Blue Ducks can be assured that the menu on any occasion will never fail to impress. With three celebrity head chefs at their helm, including Andy Allen, who has won a Master Chef Award and has been cooking for years with original duck partners Darren Robertson and Mark Labrooy, you know that your meal just got glamorous.

With a focus on cooking with smoke and fire, the large Argentinian grill for shared dining or informal gatherings is perfect for hosting your next event. You can also choose from wood-fired ovens that will create an authentic Italian atmosphere and more informal settings as well. The Ducks offer visitors quality food served by friendly staff who care about providing excellent service—come experience their passion today at their location in Rosebery. 

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