Turruwul Park, a picturesque green space in Sydney’s inner west, is bounded by Rothschild and Primrose Avenues on one side; Hayes Road, with its abundance of trees of every imaginable species (including many rare ones) that make up what locals call “The Great Tree Forest”; and Harcourt Parade, which leads you down towards Rosebery—all of this area had been in single ownership since Daniel Cooper owned it until almost the 19th century when lots were disposed of.

The land in Rosebery was described as “an aggregation of sandhills, low-lying Chinese gardens, and duckponds.” The suburb was built by Australia’s Town Planning Company between 1912 and 1914 to market it as Sydney’s model industrial neighbourhood for manufactured goods and mechanics alike.

In 1925, the new suburb of Waterloo was planned to contain 1,500 residences. However, not all lots were sold, and in 1926, the council purchased a portion (lot 481-495) for use as parkland, following three names: Lynch Park was named after Alderman James Joseph “Jimmy” Lynch (1860-1943), who was instrumental in establishing Camberwell municipality prior to its incorporation into Sydney Harbor Federation Plaza City; Turruwul means “crossing place” in the native language.

Situated at Rothschild Ave, Rosebery, NSW, Turruwul Park was established in 1925 to provide a permanent home for the local junior cricket club and has since seen many other clubs utilise its grounds as well. It is also an important sporting facility club that people were eager enough when they heard that there would soon be available space at Turruwul Park so they could use this new area instead of playing all their games near Rosebery Excelsior Athletic Ground, which had limited confines compared to what was needed by either side.

The City of Sydney partnered with JILA and Moduplay during the design phase of Turruwul Park Fitness Hub to create an accessible, safe, and inclusive needs-based workout space. It includes pull-up bars, parallel bars, digging your feet into Monkey Bars, Roman Rings, and Press Up Bars Balance Beams. To make sure all ages can enjoy a fun experience at their local park or even just walk around town, there is plenty going on. This hub has everything from monkey bars to where you attach rings above your head height by climbing onto them like stairs.

Turruwul Park is a haven for nature enthusiasts with many old-growth forests scattered across the 2.3 hectares in Sydney’s northwest suburbs that are home to several different species of trees, including some that may pre-date its establishment, such as the Port Jackson fig on Coronation Drive corner along Australia’s largest urban coastal plain-The Georges River Valley. There you’ll find five Hills Wheeling fig trees (including one measuring 9 m tall) and a mature American cottonwood, plus individual examples from popular parks like Washington Palms, English Oaks, and a Lombardy Poplar.

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