White Rabbit Gallery, the gallery just off Central Station, is a must-see for art lovers, which is located near Inner West, Sydney, NSW. The first thing you’ll notice is that it is bustling with colour and creativity inside four floors of vibrantly original pieces from 35 artists including painting, photography, sculpture, video, or installation- it’s all here waiting to be discovered. There are also books available in their own mini-library alongside some tea leaves if that sounds like your cup. Check out this place because what they have going on makes any free time spent browsing through these halls worth every second.

This hidden contemporary-art gallery is tucked away behind the Central Park development in Chippendale. It’s a project of billionaire philanthropist Judith Neilson, who has amassed one of Australia’s largest collections—and most unique holdings–of cutting-edge Chinese art (works produced since 2000). You’ll find here edgy, funny, sexually charged pieces that are idiosyncratic to her own style, something for everyone. An on-site cafe does specialty teas and dumplings as well, so visitors can enjoy both food and great visuals while they browse through installations from across Asia, including Japanese wood prints made during times when the Buddhist temples were still active.

Lumen’s exhibition, Looking To The Light, is an exploration of what we see and don’t see in our everyday lives. From the glow which illuminates objects to the glare that obscures them from view – it’s all about how light reflects off different surfaces at different rates for each individual element being highlighted by photographer Joby Grant-Nebraeikas (Jubi). His images are filled with shadows giving way to secrets unknown until now.

China has become a global powerhouse in the past few decades, and companies worldwide are vying for Chinese consumers’ favour. Big In China Exhibition captures this rapid transformation with art pieces that represent how we see our imaginations being made big through mass media channels such as music or movies; it’s no longer just about making it big here but rather achieving worldwide success.

Then, The Tenth Annual Exhibition showcases Chinese contemporary art’s creativity and technical achievement over ten years. Highlights from previous exhibitions are on display, including work by more than 60 artists who were active during this time period (2000-2010). It showcases how much has changed within these past few decades – not only for China but also globally as we see new trends emerging every day with technology pushing boundaries faster than ever before.

The White Rabbit Gallery, an Australian-based gallery in partnership with the National Governor’s Victorian (NGV), announced a new collaboration: A Fairy Tale in Red Times Works from The white rabbit collection. This exciting showing presented 26 Chinese artists and their work for one decade, during which time they were granted unprecedented access to this significant cultural institution/patronage opportunity.

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