The WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo boasts the Big Aussie 5 in their natural habitats, which are Koalas, Wombats, Kangaroos, Crocodiles, and of course Tasmanian Devils. A day at WILD LIFE Zoo will give you memorable encounters with all of these creatures. This is one of the most unique zoos in Australia, as it has been designed to look and feel like the Australian bushland. The animals all have plenty of space to roam around in their natural habitats, so you can observe them in a recreation of their wild environment. The WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is located in the heart of Sydney, making it easily accessible and a great day out for all the family.

Features of WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Tricky Tongues and Treetops at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Home to Frankie the Numbat

Devil’s Den at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Home to Mirrin and Dharra the Tasmanian Devils, which are a critically endangered species, you can observe them living in their Den or while they’re having lunch.

Wallaby Cliffs at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Wallaby Cliffs is home to some of Australia’s toughest wildlife, including Yellow-footed Rock Wallabies and Ringo, our Bare-nosed Wombat.

WILD Flight

Guests strap on and glide through the aviary at the zoo. You can choose how quickly or slowly you move around the track, so you can pause to visit the birds or race them to the end of the track.

Daintree Rainforest at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Lose yourself in this replication of the world’s oldest rainforest and spot tree-dwelling animals such as Lumholtz’s Tree-kangaroos, Boyd’s Forest Dragons, and Southern Cassowaries.

Kangaroo Walkabout at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Kangaroo Walkabout includes kangaroos, a quokka, princess parrots, and Noname the Bush-stone Curlew from Kangaroo Island.

Kakadu Gorge at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Come face to face with a massive saltwater crocodile at the Kakadu Gorge display. You can learn about the conservation concerns confronting crocodiles in the wild while on your exciting adventure of discovery to Australia’s Kakadu Gorge due to on-site fast facts shown around the crocodile’s exhibition. 

Platypus Pool at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

You’ll get a fascinating education about these protected animals as you view them in their natural habitat. Learn about how these mammals lay eggs, their eating habits, and what makes these iconic Australian creatures so unique at the Platypus Pool.

Nightfall at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Bilbies and Sugar Gliders are two nocturnal species found in this zone. The animals are seen in their natural environment in this section of the zoo, making it a truly immersive visit. 

Koala Rooftop at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Get up close to Australia’s favorite animal at the Koala Rooftop. These docile creatures are often found dozing in the gum trees, and you can have your photo taken with these lovable marsupials.

The WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is a great day out for all the family, where you can learn about and observe some of Australia’s most iconic animals in their natural habitats. With plenty to see and do, the zoo is an enjoyable and educational experience for all ages.

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