Zigi’s Wine Bar is a welcoming and exciting restaurant that combines the best of both worlds- an ever-changing menu influenced by cultures across Europe, the Middle East, and other parts of the earth; while also offering classic comfort food such as chicken schnitzel or pasta.

The beautiful Zigi’s Wine Bar is a cosy and inviting restaurant that will make you feel at home with its welcoming staff. The food at this bar tastes as good as it looks, so order something from the menu. There are plenty of TV screens throughout Zigi’s to keep your entertainment needs to be fulfilled while waiting for drinks or dinner; don’t forget about our amazing happy hour specials either – all day long, they offer drink prices locals can affordably enjoy.

Zigi’s Wine Bar is the perfect place to go after work or on Saturday night. They have an exciting atmosphere with live music, televisions showing sports games, and delicious food that will make you forget all about your Monday morning hangover. Zigi’s offers both bar snacks like fried cauliflower cheese balls as well as more formal meals until 10 pm every day. However, they specialise most heavily in Middle Eastern cuisine- inspired by owner Zigic Ozeri’s childhood in Israel- which includes tabs such as Hummus.

Located in Inner West, Sydney, NSW, this wine bar will make your dining experience one you’ll never forget. Whether it be the food, wine, or company – they’re sure that this will become something special for both parties involved. Their menu changes frequently based on what’s fresh and best in season, so there is always something new waiting just around every corner at the restaurant and wine bar. This is a place where friends can come together over great meals while sharing stories old and new alike; an atmosphere filled with warm lighting accents which give off such an inviting vibe across from lush landscape perfecting views. This could only mean one thing: You’ve found yourself seated comfortably.

This bar has something for everyone. Their wines come from all over the world and communicate a sense of place that is unique to you. You can enjoy their extensive list in one tasting room, or they’ll show them off on your plate with an array of food pairings served by local professionals who are passionate about what they do- it’s delicious history at its best. A true delicacy awaits those willing enough to try, so head down today if only to sample some fine vintages. The food and drinks here are not just delicious; they’re also so well priced for Sydney. The staff really make you feel at home. You will have such a great time when you visit as this bar has an amazing ambiance. 

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