Commercial Painting

Commercial painting includes applying a fresh coat of paint to manufacturing facilities, commercial centres, office buildings, apartments, hospitals, and schools. Most people don’t realise that a commercial painter’s job is much different from the job of a residential painter!


Commercial painting projects demand customised solutions, requiring different skills and tools. Commercial painters must be much more proficient in using advanced equipment such as pressure washers, paint sprayers, sandblasters, aerial lifts, scaffolding, etc.


As today’s competitive business environment doesn’t allow businesses to remain inoperational for too long, most commercial painting projects have to be executed swiftly with employees still working in adjacent offices or floors. Commercial painters also need to be more versatile than residential painters as they have to deal with a wide range of surfaces such as concrete, wood, metal, marble, and plastic.


7 Benefits of Hiring Commercial Painting Services

Here are some of the benefits you can expect after hiring a professional commercial painting service:


  1. Inspire your clients and customers with a great first impression

  2. Increase your foot traffic

  3. Boost your brand or company’s image

  4. Improve your employees’ mood by creating a better working environment

  5. Customised theme and colours according to your brand

  6. Keep pace with your business competitors

  7. Ensure a clean and hygienic environment in your business or commercial property


Are you looking for a reliable and experienced painting service that can deliver fully-customised solutions? To get outstanding results within your budget, you must partner with highly skilled and experienced painters who can efficiently handle your commercial painting project. But with so many commercial painting companies offering their services, how to find the right one?


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Our Comprehensive Commercial Painting Process

Our Strategic Approach:

  1. In-Depth Consultation and Planning – Collaborating with you to understand your vision and business needs.
  2. Colour and Design Consultation – We help choose the right colours and finishes that reflect your brand and business ethos.
  3. Preparation and Safety Measures – Ensuring a safe work environment with thorough preparation and adherence to safety protocols.
  4. Efficient and Quality Painting – Utilising advanced techniques and high-grade paints for a lasting and impressive finish.
  5. Post-Completion Clean-up and Review – A final walk-through to ensure your complete satisfaction, leaving your commercial space clean and ready for business.



How Much Do Commercial Painters Cost in Australia?

Commercial painting prices in Australia can vary depending on the size and scope of the project. However, most commercial painting projects will fall within the price range of AUD 45 and AUD 60 per hour.


In terms of prices per square metre, for a project involving a single undercoat and two finishing coats, you can expect to pay AUD 10 to AUD 40 per square metre.

Sites that require minimum preparation and repair work will certainly keep the overall costs towards the lower end of the spectrum. However, high-rise buildings, complex colour schemes, and damages will certainly raise those numbers up!


For a more accurate cost estimate of your commercial painting project, contact Master House Painters for a free quotation.




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Why Master House Painters for Your Commercial Space?

  • Customised Solutions – We offer tailored painting solutions that align with your business’s image and operational needs.
  • Durability and Quality – Our use of premium paints and materials ensures a finish that withstands the daily wear and tear of commercial spaces.
  • Minimal Business Interruption – We work around your schedule to minimise disruption, ensuring a smooth and efficient painting process.
  • Local Insights and Experience – Our knowledge of the local business landscapes in Sydney, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Northern NSW allows us to provide services that are both contemporary and practical.


Transforming Commercial Spaces

Our commercial painting services have revamped numerous businesses, enhancing their appeal and contributing to their success. We pride ourselves on delivering results that not only meet but exceed expectations.


Ready to Revitalise Your Commercial Space?

At Master House Painters, we’re eager to collaborate with you to transform your commercial space into a reflection of your business’s quality and vision.



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